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As a locally owned family business, we pride ourselves on giving a personalised professional cleaning service to all sunshine coast homes and businesses.  Whether your carpet or upholstery is in a penthouse apartment along the beach or a 100 year old settlers cottage nestled into the side of a Hinterland hill – we’ve got you covered when it comes to cleaning!

Our Cleaning Process

The Carpet & Rug Institute explains Hot Water Extraction (HWE) as:

“A cleaning method in which pressurised hot water is spray-injected
into carpet pile yarns, and almost immediately thereafter, injected water is vacuum-extracted to flush and physically remove soils and excess moisture from the carpet pile”

The Carpet & Rug Institute has recently performed a study into the
“Impact of pre-conditioning carpets for cleaning” –  and the results show:

“Overall, cleaning with chemicals used exclusively in the solution tanks of HWE units produced soil removal only slightly better than flushing with plain water;

chemicals pre-applied in the preconditioning process, followed by HWE, cleaned significantly better than chemicals applied through in-tank solutions in the course of HWE”

Our Cleaning Products

Our pre-spray products are applied directly to the carpet and not into the machine for application during the spray / extract process.

They include Bio-Enzymatic cleaners which contain bacteria & enzymes that help to break down or emulsify chemical and organic waste – suspending the dirt and oils for extraction.  Our HWE machine then flushes the carpet or upholstery fibres with a neutralising agent to restore PH balance – giving you a deep fresh clean.

Our products have been used in Australian homes for many years and are safe for all of the family including pets.

Our aim is to ensure your cleaning needs are met with as little disruption to you and your family or business as possible.  See our Specials page for our current promotions or offers.

Cleaning Services Include Residential & Commercial –

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Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services

Suncoast Carpet Solutions provides superior carpet & upholstery cleaning on the Sunshine Coast. Carpets, Leather, Upholstery & Tile cleaning and stain removal
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services4 days ago
We didnt just find work life balance, we invested years creating it.
Made a plan ✔
Worked hard ✔
Made sacrifices ✔
Met the targets ✔
Enjoy the rewards ✔
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Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services4 days ago
Lounge suite cleaning for a family of 3 lil darlings 👍literally stripping the coloured pen marks, dirt and body oil out with Hot Water Extraction. Once you've had a Supreme Clean - you'll never go back 😉
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Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services1 week ago
I dont know much about caring for horses 🐎🥕and like many, as a youngster I definitley dreamed of having one of my own 😍
Now I am fortunate enough to live in a rural community with horses all around us. We often take our lil darling for bike rides with plenty of apples and carrots to share with all the horses in our neighborhood. The weather has been especially hot & humid lately and while heading out to collect a rug for cleaning I noticed a horse wearing a blanket & laying down in the paddock. My lil darling and I discussed it with great concern. Do horses lay down? Is the blanket too hot for him in this weather? We called the local vet to enquire, gained insight about sun protection for horses and on our way home we stopped & bought carrots to see if we could coax him over to check on him. I'm delighted to say he's All Good - and so is his lil mate and they loved the extra crunch for lunch 🐎🥕👍💚
Moral of this story:
If you have questions - ask. And in this case - we got it straight from the horses mouth
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Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services2 weeks ago
Vaccuuming 5 bedrooms of this classic shag carpet was like an epic adventure discovering where all the lost items got to over the years. Dozens of bobby pins, couple of screws, numerous nylon clothes tags holders & a lost earring! Some consider vaccuuming a #borechore - but its intergral for maintaining the quality of carpet fibres. Dust, dirt & debris can break down the fibres causing irreparable damage. This job filled a new vacuum bag easily & required Airo's head to be cleared of debris in each room ☹
Get your free quote for #edgetoedge carpet cleaning today
#carpetcleaning #rugcleaning #stainremoval #odourremoval #upholsterycleaning #suncoastsupremeclean @ Landsborough, Queensland
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services2 weeks ago
The local RSL getting its regular annual Supreme Clean 👨‍✈️👩‍✈️
We're proud supporters of our local community organizations & groups and ensure they always receive the delux service at basic prices 😁 Give us a call to get your free quote today
Call 📞0491-075-652
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@ Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services
Suncoast Supreme Cleaning Services4 weeks ago
We made the Nice list 😁 Merry Christmas to everybody - especially our supporters and followers. We hope you have a happy & safe holiday season with loved ones🎄🎅
Thank you all for the continued support throughout the past year as we 'rebirthed' our business brand.
We are fully booked the remainder of this year, and we will be back cleaning from January 8th 2 019 after a short, well deserved break 🎉🏊‍♀️🎣🧘‍♂️
You can continue to contact us online or by phone to arrange your appointment for 2019 😎🤙