Basic Service


Light Soiling

This BASIC Service is a 4 step clean and is suitable for carpets with light soiling that require a freshen up.

It is NOT recommended for heavily soiled carpets

This clean is a popular choice for end of short lease cleans where the carpet is in a good condition with light soiling.

STEP 1. The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed using an industrial vacuum cleaner to easily remove loose particles before any moisture is added.

STEP 2. Any basic stains or marks on the carpet are treated with appropriate treatments. Solvents may be used to dislodge oily or greasy marks, and heavy sugary stains are pre-dissolved to prevent any -of these marks after cleaning.

STEP 3. The carpet is pre-sprayed with an non toxic carpet cleaning solution which loosens and suspends soils ready for extraction.

STEP 4. The carpet is then steam cleaned using hot water extraction to remove the carpet cleaning solution and the soils and any pollutants in suspension. This leaves the carpets looking and smelling, fresh and clean, and free of any residues that may promote re-soiling.

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