Delux Service


Heavy Soiling

This is 7 step carpet clean is suitable for carpets that are heavily soiled or carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in years.

Excellent stain and tracking removal and with a buff dry, will halve the drying time of our BASIC and STANDARD Service giving you the ultimate clean!!

STEP 1. The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed using an industrial vacuum cleaner to easily remove loose particles before any moisture is added.

STEP 2. Any stains or marks on the carpet are given pre treatment. Solvents may be used to dislodge oily or greasy marks, and heavy sugary stains are pre-dissolved to prevent any -of these marks after cleaning.

STEP 3. The carpet is pre-sprayed with non toxic carpet cleaning solutions with a built in citrus deodorising fragrance to help loosen soils.

STEP 4. The cleaning agents are agitated through the carpet using a soft brush or pad to work the cleaning agents through the carpet fibres and get them below the surface of the pile. This process loosens and suspends the dirt & oils ready for extraction.

STEP 5. The carpet is then steam cleaned using hot water extraction to remove the carpet cleaning solution and the soils and pollutants in suspension. This leaves the carpets looking and smelling, fresh and clean, and free of any residues that may promote re-soiling

STEP 6. The carpet is now cleaned using dry cleaning “bonnets” on a rotary floor polisher. This removes any stubborn soil from the top part of the carpet fibres and enabling an even faster drying time.

STEP 7. The carpet is finally raked /groomed to lift the pile and promote a quicker drying time and a more even appearance.