Useful Tips and FAQ

DIY Carpet Cleaning – Useful Tips & Tricks 

Its common knowledge that professional carpet cleaning plays a major part in prolonging the life of your carpet.  But how do you keep your carpets looking good in between professional cleans?

Here is a few simple tips and how to tackle spills and stains in between cleans.

  1. Blot – To Dry using an Absorbent Material
    Get a clean cloth or paper towel and blot carefully from outside in, to take out as much of the spillage as possible. Do not be tempted to rub or scrub as this will only spread the stain further.  Aim to get as much of the spilled product out without spreading it.
  2. Spot Removal Process
    Using a paper towel or clean white cloth blot up excess spillage. Continue blotting the spillage with clean dry cloths until as much as possible has gone. Make a mix of fresh water and bicarb soda in a spray bottle and lightly spray it over the affected area.  Blot the area again to remove excess moisture and repeat the process again until all of the stain has disappeared.

Place dry towels over the area with a weight on top to absorb any residual moisture and help dry the carpet.
Allow 2-3 hours before removing the towels. If the stain is no longer visible and hasn’t transferred onto the towels, then it has been successfully removed. If it doesn’t it might be time to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

Remember – the key to hygienic  carpet cleaning is quick drying carpets.  Industry standards suggest 4-6 hours drying time as adequate to ensure maximum hygiene standards for cleaning soft furnishings.  If carpets or underlay remain wet or damp for longer than 24-36 hours mould and bacteria will grow.  With favourable conditions such as weather, ceiling fans and natural cross ventilation – dry times can be as little as 2-4 hours with our steam cleaning process.

  1. Beware of store bought stain removers
    We’ve seen first hand the damage that many of these products bring. They are ineffective and cause damage to carpet & fabric making it irreparable. If you have to use anything keep it as simple as possible, a mixture of warm water & bicarb would be suffice until a professional can be arranged.
  2. Wax – how to get it out
    Whether its scented melts or candles – when wax gets onto your carpet your heart will skip a beat.  To remove wax from your carpet put a plain cloth over the spill site. Place a warm iron on top of the cloth to soften the wax. Then use a blunt knife to gently scrape it off the surface of the carpet.  While wax can be removed – the tell tale signs of singed carpet fibres is not so easy to remedy.
  3. Vacuum regularly
    It takes time and considerable effort to give your home a full vacuum every couple of days. Regular vacuuming removes the dust and soils which if not removed build up on the bottom of the carpet pile and degrade the fibres. 

Vacuuming must be performed on a routine basis to prevent abrasive soil from sifting downward to the base of yarns where it begins its destructive work. It is unrealistic to expect to remove all of fine particle soils with even the most professional vacuum equipment after the soil has had extended time to accumulate slowly at the base of the pile. When particle soils accumulate to a saturation point in carpet pile, not only do they affect appearance, but they
also become very difficult to reduce to acceptable levels without time-consuming vacuuming procedures. If vacuuming isn’t programmed at regular intervals, soil accumulation is inevitable.

Remember to clean your brush heads! You’re only as good as the tools you use – keep them maintained & free from obstruction so you get the best vacuum clean every time.

  1. Book regular professional carpet cleaning
    Industry recommendations suggest a professional carpet clean annually for a standard family of two-four.  If you have pets every six-months or every 18 months for a single person in a home.  Remember, your carpets & upholstery act as air filters, effectively providing a cleaner breathing environment for you and your family.

Give us a call  on 0491-075-652 to discuss your carpet & upholstery cleaning needs,  you will be very pleased with the difference it makes to your home.