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See how your home or office could be revitalised and renewed using our quality products and professional steam cleaning services.  We have encountered  almost every type of spot, stain and odour and on many different surfaces in the home and office.  Our customers are more than satisfied that these have been successfully removed or in the event of permanent damage, dramatically improved after our service.   

The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends carpets should be cleaned every 12-18 months.  Leaving them longer than this could result in dirt and dust being compacted into the carpet fibres causing deterioration.   Areas around entrances and hallways will develop the ‘well trodden path’ and are compacted even more.  Deep cleaning can be performed to improve the area, but we do not recommend over wetting as mould can develop. 

And so, cleaning regularly will produce better results and extend the life of your carpet & upholstery.

Cleaning less often will show big improvements on the day, but will may not give the deepest clean over all or extend the life of your carpet.

Take a look below and give us a call to discuss your cleaning needs, and get an obligation free quote.